Kaspars Holms

Hi. My name is Kaspars Holms and I have been fishing since I was seven years old. Both of my grandmothers enjoyed fishing and my father often brought us along on his fishing trips. Since then I have been predator fishing with focus on pike, perch and zander. In my day job I work as IT manager but fishing technology is my true passion. I have 2 great daughters and I truly enjoy sharing my love for fishing with them and guiding them as they take their first steps into the world of fishing. They caught their first fish when they were only 3 years old.

I have been a member of the Latvian National Fishing team. I have spent the last 5 years in sports fishing as a member of the EboatFishingTeam which is one of the top fishing teams in Latvia.

I have also created a lot of content under Eboat Fishing Team where we promote fishing and share our experiences with the community.

I have also participated in many series of “Copes Garša” (Taste of fishing). You can find lots of interesting videos on YouTube channel.

My top achievements in sports fishing:

  • Gold – Winner of Latvian Predator Cup 2017
  • Silver – Latvian National Championship 2017
  • Bronze – World Championship from boats in UK – 2018
  • Bronze – Latvian National Championship 2018
  • Silver – Latvian National Championship 2019
  • Four time winner of Latvian championship stage in lake Alūksne (2016-2019)

Guiding started as a hobby for me as I took my own family and close friends along with me and every time they had a great fishing experiences. Soon being in sports more and more people wanted to go fishing with me and so I decided to offer my services to larger audience.

I do most of my fishing in Riga water system as we have 2 main rivers Daugava and Lielupe connected with several lakes (Ķīšezers, Juglas Ezers, Lielas and Mazais Baltezers) and most importantly Baltic sea. From Baltic see a lot of fish migrate in Riga water system but you have to be on top the of the game to know where the fish are moving. Riga is an amazing location for trophy zander fishing!

My favorite fish is zander as I spend most time hunting trophy size zanders and pike, but I catch other predator fish as well depending on time and season. I know most of the main waters in Latvia inside and out so if you prefer to fish outside Riga I offer guided tours to lake Alūksne, Usma, Burtnieks and river Daugava above and below all dams.

To have the best fishing experience of your lifetime I prefer to have 1-2 people in the boat. For more people multiple boats can be arranged. My experience and knowledge from sports fishing will always keep you close to the fish. You will learn different fishing techniques. I will also demonstrate how to use Live Fishing sonars and teach you how to look for fish without them.