2023. fishing season in Latvia starts strong

Greetings anglers!

Greetings to all anglers in the new season, not much time to write because there's a lot of fishing to do in the water. 😊

This season has started off very well. There was a large number of pike but there were fewer super big ones compared to last year, although quite a few were caught using LIVE technology. Still plenty of pike measuring 80-90 cm were caught. The larger pike measured 113 and 110 cm in length, caught in the second half of May. This year, spring was warmer than in previous years, which greatly influenced the pike's habitat with more grassy areas rather than pits. Currently, the zander season has begun and they are biting well but the large specimens are slowly gathering after spawning. Speaking of tagged pike, there have already been 13 pike caught with the BIOR tag this year, which were tagged in 2022. This year, an interesting event will also take place in the waters of Riga, as the World Championship in boat spinning will be held here in October. So, we will see many foreign athletes here. The water area is very large, like the Latvian Cup, meaning all the waters around Riga where you can go boating! Busy times ahead!

Tight lines!

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