98 cm record Zander

This was one of such days when it was total cold outside and fishing was very slow. We were ready to go home when my partner spotted a good fish in Live sonar on bottom. He did his cast but nothing. Then I did mine in total unbelief that it will take but suddenly everything changed around! We thought it is super big pike or catfish. But no, it was record Zander of 98 cm! This zander was 5 cm longer and by almost 3 kg heavier than my personal best of 93 cm. It was 3 cm shy from Latvian record 101 cm caught about 10 years ago. By the way Swedish Zander record is 98 cm. It is not a Holland where 1 meter zander sizes are common, but in our region it is ultra rare. I still believe that 1 meter zander is out there.