Fishing in Latvia 2022


Fishing season has been amazing whole summer. It started with great pike fishing till midsummer where we got over 50 big pikes on some 15 times on water and average size was about 90 cm. When hot weather hit then pikes became more passive but that was time when zander started to eat. All summer have been good with zander and perch fishing. Best fishing for big zander still is when it becomes dark and during day it is much harder to catch. Biggest zanders this summer has been 92 and 89 cm long and biggest pikes were 117 cm and 114 cm long. If you look fishing options around Riga – then there is plenty ways to go as our water system is interconnected with each other and Baltic sea. This summer has been quiet busy but there still few spots available for autumn fishing when the biggest fish becomes most active!

Few photos from catches during summer 2022 below.

Cope ar gidu Latvijā / Fish with guide in Latvia
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