New services added

Greetings, anglers!

The new fishing season is just around the corner, but the summer schedule is already filling up, so don't delay and sign up early. We also want to announce that this year we have added two new services to our website.

The first one is - gift cards. If you want to treat yourself or a close friend, there is an opportunity to give a gift card with one of our services or service packages. This will be the perfect gift for a man who holds fishing and angling close to his heart.

With our gift card, you can choose any of the following services:

  • Pelagic fishing with LIVE sonar
  • Classic spinning
  • Training in using an echo sounder
  • A little bit of everything
  • Fishing expedition

Gift cards are available in limited quantities and can be used within 2 years from May 1st to November during the fishing season. Surprise your loved ones with an adventure they will never forget!

Our second new offering is - Fishing Expedition at the water body of your choice.

Do you have your own water body where you regularly go fishing or perhaps an entirely unknown one that you wish to explore, but could benefit from professional advice on how to improve your catches? We offer a service that provides insights from a spinning perspective on how to approach such a water body and how I approach unknown locations. We provide guided tours to places that you specifically want to explore and master.

During this fishing tour, you will learn:

  • How to approach a new water body and what to focus on
  • Exploration of the water body's terrain
  • Fish composition exploration with an echo sounder
  • Recommended spinning techniques for the specific water body

These tours are mainly available on weekends and in limited quantities due to time constraints.

Reserve your tour here.