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Winter is a good time to start planning your vacation and fishing trips. It also helps us guides to plan our times better as well. In Latvia fishing season from boats opens on 1st of May.

Season for pike opens on 1st of May.

Season for zander opens from 1st of June.

Customers often ask what is best time to come and what is the best fishing time for zander and pike. In Latvia you can catch pike all year but the best months are May and June and then when waters gets colder form September till December. But for most of the time there is no problem to catch a pike as it is the most aggressive predator in our waters.

Zander usually is very active when the season opens as it just comes out of nesting the babies like pike do in April. It also depends on the weather temperature every year, but if everything is normal then from 1st of June zander is very active. In June it is very common that zander is in shallow places and concentration in deeper places is not good, but it improves with every month going into the summer. So best months to visit Latvia for zander fishing is July, August, September, October and sometimes November it if it quiet warm. When the temperature drops zander becomes more passive. Also zander fishing I practice a lot during late evenings and nights as it a night predator. Also it is better for releasing of big zander as during night time they swim to more shallow waters and if you catch them there is less risk to get barotrauma!

The best months:

Zander - June, July, August, September, October and early November

Pike - May, June, October, November

Perch - August, September, October

Catfish - June, July

Cod - April, May, October, November

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