Season 2022 summary


Last season was great from all angles as it was a super rich season with pike, perch, zander and catfish. We again caught new records of amounts and sizes, except the zander record was not beaten. In the 2021 season we managed to catch 98 cm zander, which is one of the bigger zanders caught in near years. The Latvia record is 102 cm zander caught more than ten years ago.

Biggest pike was 128 cm caught near Riga and there were four pikes more than 120 cm long caught in lake Alūksne. Biggest Zander was 92 cm and catfish around 145 cm which was about 25-30 kg in weight.
We also participated in a project with BIOR where we mark trophy size fish with special markers before we release them. In total we marked 217 fish – 100 pikes and 117 zanders. Minimal marking size is 70 cm for zander and 80 cm for pike. When we catch the same fish again, we see when it was caught the first time as we put all data in the database. Some pikes got on hooks 3-4 times and in total we had 29 cases where marked pike was caught again and for zanders it was 15 times and 10 from those cases were marked in 2021. So, it is very interesting how fish migrate and grow, and how it survives if it has got some injuries on first catch.

I wanted to say if you want an unbelievable fishing experience in Latvia it is time to sign up now. It is ok if you don’t know the precise date, but we can agree on the month when you plan to come to Latvia and then we agree on a more specific date when it comes closer.

May - best for pike (prime time) and catfish

June - pike, catfish, zander

July - zander time

August - zander (prime time), perch (prime time), catfish

September - perch (prime time), pike, zander (prime time)

October - perch, pike (prime time), zander (prime time)

November - zander, pike

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Some pictures from season 2022 2nd half.

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