Fishing season in Latvia has started strong!


Fishing season this year has been strongest it has ever been. On 6th of May it was opened with 5 monster pike and day after it was even better where we cough 3 monster catfish and 4 pike and top sizes were 109 and 108 cm. Longest catfish was 144 cm and weight more than 30 kg! Insane fishing!

Next few days pike fishing hasn't slowed down and during 4 fishing trips we have caught around 20 pikes close to 1 m or bigger. This season we are also marking trophy size fish with special markers in cooperation with government institution BIOR. We put special marker in fish when we catch it and take size and other measures before carefully releasing it. Already one pike from 15 marked ones was caught 2nd time again and released again in the nature. Catch and release works and we strongly stand that all big fish must be released.

Soon zander season opens what is favorite for our customers. If you plan you trip to Latvia and interested in fishing it is worth to give a try with experienced guide.

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