Week of records

Hey dear guests!

Some small update from May fishing in Latvia as last week we had very great fishing and monster pikes were feeding like crazy in Riga water system. Also in spring catfish becomes more active but it is very hard to catch on Lowrance Active Target, but when you learn the skill, then it is matter of luck - does catfish want to eat or not. This time it was time for dinner!

Last week was super great for pike where our customers set several personal records and I beat my own personal record on pike what was 2 years old. I managed to get out 14 kg heavy 117 cm long pike! Real monster!

Also in the same week I beat my own personal record of catfish what was over 130 cm. For catfish it is not considered as supper big, but this fish fights like crazy! Summer and vacation times are short and if you stay in Latvia, be sure to check out trip with experienced fishing guide.


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