• Boat (Astra 470) with the latest technology
  • Fuel
  • Boat transportation (expedition tours)
  • Fishing gear (you can also use your own fishing gear)
  • Guide's experience and services

The following is not included in the service:

  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Fishing permit and licenses, if required

  • Pike season starts on May 1st.
  • Zander season starts on June 1st.
  • Season ends mostly in December or when the ice comes on.

Latvia is rich of lakes and rivers and waters connected with Baltic holds even more fish.

If you are looking for predator fishing then most of lakes contain pike, perch and zander. Some rivers during some months of the year offer great salmon and trout fishing.

Waters connected to Baltic sea has seasonality and for example in Riga water system has huge fish migration depending on month. If you are not familiar with these waters we recommend at first to use fishing guide.

  • Best lakes in Latvia for pike, perch and zander: lake Alūksne, lake Burnieks, lake Liepājas, lake Babīte, lake Ķīšezers, Lake Jugla, lake Lielais and Mazais Baltezers, lake Engure, lake Rāzna, lake Lubāns, lake Usma.
  • Best rivers for pike, perch, zander: river Daugava, river Lielupe, river Venta, river Gauja.
  • Best rivers for salmon and trout: river Salaca, river Gauja, river Venta and bunch of small rivers connected to sea.
  • Best chances to catch catfish are at river Daugava above all 3 dams - Rigs HES, Ķeguma HES and Pļaviņu Hydro electro station. Catfish also inhabits in many lakes and rivers around Riga.

  • For Zander - June, July, August, September, October. Peak months are August, September.
  • For Pike - May, June, October, November
  • For Perch - August, September, October
  • For Catfish - May, June, July
  • For Cod - April, May, October, November

  • To fish in any water in Latvia you need a general fishing permit that you can buy here - makskeresanaskarte.lv/
  • Price per permit varies depending on the period of validity. It starts at just few EUR. A permit for a whole year costs 15 EUR.
  • There are a few lakes and rivers that require and additional permit which depends on season and particular location.

You can buy permits here:

To fish in Riga you only need the general permit/license. Before we go out fishing I will help you get the required permits.

No previous experience is needed. I will bring you close to the fish and guide you on proper casting techniques. However, any previous fishing experience will definitely be an advantage for you.

No, you don't. I provide the boat equipped with all of the appropriate gear, rods and lures. However, you can bring your own rods if you prefer that. Before we begin our fishing trip I will make sure that the best gear is selected.

Yes, you are responsible for bringing the proper clothing to stay warm and protected against the rain and strong winds. We always check the weather conditions few days in advance and keep you updated on how to best prepare for the trip.

It is possible that sometimes the conditions may be too severe for fishing, however, different conditions are required for different types of fishing. For example, for pelagic fishing big wind will not be our friend while for regular pike fishing it could be ok. As the date for our trip is approaching, I always keep an eye out for the conditions and will keep you updated.

My boat is 4,7m long with 60HP engine. I prefer to take no more than 2 people per trip to ensure the best and most comfortable fishing experience possible. For bigger groups we can organize additional boats with additional guides

Usually it would be around 5-6 hours but it could be extended if the fishing is going very well. For zander fishing, it would be best to start around 17.00 and finish around midnight. This way you can practice and get some experience during daylight and be more prepared for the night when the zander is most active.

We offer several options - we can either send you an invoice for payment in advance or you can pay on site right after the fishing trip.