Fishing expedition day with Latvian fishing guide Cpt. Holmz in Daugava around Koknese.

Latest series of Copes Garša - Zander Judgment day in lake Alūksne. Huge zanders and pikes. Insane fishing with Kaspars Holms and Armands Ērglis

Kaspars Holms masterclass from exhibition Outdoor Riga 2023 - Everything about big zander. How to catch big zander and why release.

New podcast series - "Copes Frekvence". 2nd episode where fishing guide Kaspars Holms talks about fishing in Latvia.

Check out latest series of Copes Garša on YouTube. Everything you need to know about pike fishing and pike behavior under water!

Zander is night predator and in this series we look on how to behave when fishing in darkness. Also we reveal a lot of specifics how to catch zander on drop-shot technique.

Part 2 of of catching monster catfish. In this series one of the biggest catfish caught on camera during filming. You will also hear a lot of tips how to hunt on Live sonars.

In this series we hunt for biggest fresh water fish in this region - catfish. You will also get first impression how it is to fish with Live sonar technology.

In this series we fish with our teammates from Latvian National team. Many fishing tips and tricks are shared. Bonus - every member shares it's top 3 lures.

In this series we explain how fishing sonars works and share many tips and tricks. Also first glance on Lowrance Live Sight and catching zander and pike on Live sonars.

Competing against local fisherman on lake Usma - part 2. Here you get insight of traditional angling and catching a lot of northern pike.

Fishing in lake Usma for zander, pike and perch. We do a competition fishing against local fisherman from Kurzeme region. A lot of tips and tricks shared.

In this series casting expert shows how to cast properly. Bonus content of monster pike at second part of the video.

Fishing in Sweden - part 2. Catching a lot of zander, pike and perch in Swedish lake. Funny bonus content and the end of the video :)

Expedition to Sweden. In this series we explore very nice lake in Sweden and primary target fish is zander. We share a lot of tips and tricks how to find fish in new places, rig the baits. etc.

Latvian national championship stage 3 in Lake Alūksne in 2019 season. We are in 4th seed before final stage. 117 cm monster pike caught at the end of tournament. Did it bring the gold?

Latvian national championship stage2 in river Daugava in 2019 season. Hard battle against more than 30 teams and hot summer weather.

Fishing in lake Usma in early spring for pike and competition against locals. Tips and tricks how to find pike in early spring.

I was member of Latvian national team in World Championship in UK (2018). Check out our road to medals in very tight battle!

Latvian national championship stage 3 in river Daugava (Koknese) in 2018 season. How we got in medals when during practice it was almost impossible to catch anything.

Latvian national championship stage 2 in lake Alūksne in 2018 season. This water is our favorite as we have won there 4 times in row but it becomes more and more difficult to win.

Season opener in one of the biggest lakes in Latvia - Burtnieks. Our goal was to catch 20 pike. Did we succeeded? You have to check it out!

Zander fishing on drop shot in late December. This one of the first series for "Copes Garša". Tips and tricks how to see zander on sonar and separate it form bait fish.